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To rent a bus could be so easy!

Enter your trip details and find the cheapest bus with our price calculator 

The busguru find always a bus in every city for you. He is a price expert. Online and everywhere, he is there for you and charge you the best price.

You don´t find a bus ? It is hard for you to search and compare?

Then enter your data, is looking for after! You have immediately a price and can book!

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The busguru has been fed with information from bus companies throughout Germany and Europe, and will find a bus with a driver for you. Always. All over. Super easy.

Damn cheap
Damn cheap

He knows all prices at the market and finds the best price for you. Simply good! Why? Because you deserve it to get a cheap price when you rent a bus with a driver.

Decide for yourself
Decide for yourself

You have the power to decide where the bus is going to, where it stops and how large your group is. The busguru find the best price according to your individual requirements and criteria of the bus ride.


Do not waste time and rent bus efficiently and sustainably without stops, without stress and detours. Drive directly and relaxed to your place of arrival. Driving with buses is especially enviromentally friendly.

Customer reviews

We are proud of our customer reviews

Customers who rent already relaxed a bus with the busguru

"I t was super easy and I got a price right away. Really nice!  I normally had to compare the prices by myself and did´t have an overview anymore. But thanks to, I can now concentrate on the essential for egsample the organization of the trip with my colleagues."


"At the beginning of the year we rented two buses at It ransmoothly and without incidents, everything went well and I got a very good price. Thanks to the portal too! Always my pleasure!"


"To hire a bus for several classes is time-consuming, especially the tight budget is always in the foreground. I want to plan a good trip for the kids. So I try to book as simple as possible and to find especially a nice driver who is in a good mood. At I made good experience and recommend it to every school on."


The busguru show you a price immediately

Here to the price calculator


Day trips • Club excursion • Class trip • Company celebration • Wedding 

No matter what occasion, whether for schools, clubs, private trip or

a business trip! Try it!


Just calculate a price and rent a bus

The busguru knows all bus fares because it collects information on all bus partner in Germany. No matter which bus you need the busguru find him. Rent a bus with driver and convince you to travel now from the relaxed style. The busguru is also a Busfinder for any occasion. If you want something special, just write a mail to the busguru. On rely.

Has aroused your interest? Then just give your data in the price calculator and inform you immediately. Above all, you can get directly enlightened about prices and do not have to ask for more offers. If you have questions or individual wishes to your bus, then write an e-mail. No matter how big your group size is. The bus is always adjusted from the seat number that you get a reasonable price.

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Rent a bus with driver
Rent a bus with driver

Rent a bus

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Price calculator

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